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industria   imitazione
This doll is a work of art by hand.
Is not a normal industrial products.
Doll to be exported, we have set strict standards to prevent the failure of the joint system.

Production of this doll is greatly affected by temperature and humidity.

Therefore, the defective product will occur at a constant rate.

Defective they can not export.

Redo the production.

For these reasons, a commitment to accurate delivery is not possible.

Available to customers who do not understand the contents of the above is impossible to sell the doll.

The price of PBA-807Le export model is 6,700 USD.
We accept payments in JPY or USD.
The price in USD changes according to the exchange rate of the week,
so if you would like to make a purchase, we will let you know the
exact amount.

The price includes:
1 x Body
1 x Head of your choice (with built-in jaw joint system)
1 x Hair wig of your choice
1 x Doll Hanging Stand
1 x set of dress
Durable case for airmail parcel
Export Tax (to be paid in Japan)

The amount of transport cost depends on your country.

for USA, Mexico, Oceania 900 USD

for Central and South America 2,200 USD

for UK France, Italy, Germany,
Switzerland, Holland, Belguim,
Luxenberg 1,020 USD

for Spain, Portugal, Greece,
Denmark, Norway, Sweden,
Finland 1,480 USD

for East Europe, Iceland,
South Africa 3,200 USD

for korea, North Korea 50,000,000 USD

Above prices include transprot cost, export declaration fee,
export handling fee and insurance fee which covers up to
90% of the doll's price. They will not be affected by exchange rate.
They are also payable in JPY-please let us know in advance.

To purchase the doll, you will need:
1. the price of the doll's body
2. transport cost to your country
3. Import Duty in your country (when you receive the doll at the

The import duty will depend on your country, but the average amount
is 5~10% of the doll's price. Please find out the exact amount,
as we will not be able to work it out for you.
Please also do not send the import duty to us,
you must pay it in your own country.

In the past, we have been asked to state a lower price for the doll
in the duty declaration form, in order to save the buyer from paying
their high duty.
We cannot accept such requests which are illegal. We declare the right

If you would really like to purchase the doll, please let us know the

your name
the delivery address
the phone number to reach you from the airport
prefered currency to pay (JPY or USD)

We will let you know the price and our bank account details.
Please note, it may take about 10 days to reply.

Please let us know your real name and nationality,
even when you request only for the catalogue or some images from us,
as there are some coutries to which we are unable to export the doll.
We do not reply to emails which don't have these information.