About the image handling of our product of personal owner.
The pasting up to the WEB top in the naked body state of our production Dole, the contribution will prohibit it overall.
Not a naked body state, an apparent criminal act and the publication of the image which seems to be able to grasp it prohibit it in the expression that a person to read seems to feel a non-pleasure, expression to fan curiosity of the human nature to watch in vain and a common idea.
When a naked body image seems to be thought to be essential of the work expression for art expression of own of user, please contact it to us.
After examination, admit use, a publication.
But approve that there is it when it cannot admit it depending on judgment.
When we judge that there was violation for the limit mentioned above, do warning for the owner who violated it.
Will not sell all our products in future by any chance after repair, maintenance had you stop all after-sale service and compensation when improvement is not accepted after warning.
As for this limit article, personal owner is a thing of the objects.
The corporations such as publishing companies makes an article particularly, and be inapplicable.

About a limit of the image use of our product of owner of corporation and publication.
About the image publication of our product, shall admit the publication of the product image regardless of having purpose of the use and wearing clothes or not only when it carries it on the cause of our examination, a thing of the responsibility of your company.
The permission needs one permission per one the publication.
For the corporation which gave permission and a publishing company, please warn him once because it is not the meaning that it gives permanent permission to.
When we judge it when there was the image use that it cannot but judge when there are impermissibility and clear violation, cope with promptly legal means.


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