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Body structure
gImmortal Wh full body cast with a movable skeletal structure (with separate head)
Skeletal Frame Structure FRP/CFRP compound monocoque main frame
Different diameter magnesium alloy composite tube sub-frame
with silicon-sealed ball joints
Stainless steel Flexi-tube and coaxial spring composite
Aluminium composite tube
Quality Guaranteed Temperature Range -12`66 (dry heat), 60 (humid heat)
Although it is data of "Immortal W", because there are times when it interferes with the quality at a temperature lower than this by the use and storage situation, should be managed as much as possible under normal temperature.
Body Weight (except head) 14.2Kg(Temperature 23 manufacturing calculated value)
Height/ Bust/Waist/Hip
Shoe Size
144cm/ 65cm/52cm/695cm
Feet 20cm (22cm shoes recommended)
Dress Size 140cm(Clothes will change size by a sense of design. Please consider as a guide.)
Head Head weight 900g - 1080g
Fit head M Series,Lu series,LB1,BS1
Eyeballs movable
Available eyecolours Black, Brown, Blue,Green, and others
Temporomandibular joint function Equipped to all models
Accessories Instruction manual, maintenance powder,Dedicated storage exhibition stand
Price(Body & Head) Body + your choice of head + standard wig + accessories set
Set price 799,200 yen
 Standard equipment Only wig
Optional Parts
Swimwear suntan-line
Additional wig Basic price 9,720 yen `@It is different by a kind.
About the price
These prices may change according to the raw material and/or production costs.
(the price changes by an exchange rate.)
With respect to export price balculated by application at the time of the exchange rate.
(Expiration date is two weeks)
Real presence made possible by fully movable body , ultra-precise reproduction of a small girl .

Cast paint nipples (colourfast)

New feature: optional swimwear-shaped suntan line (any shape of swimwear on request). The colour lasts for aprox. 1year

By the newly developed framework, to give a high degree of mobility and high durability.

Snap-on stand adaptor (with anti-static earthing function)

Adjustable torque shoulder and elbow joints (easy adjustment of the jointfs resistance without using tools)

Is compatible with the large weight by adopting a new compounded resin "Immortal W". (Softness is almost the same as the Immortal V)
Other Precautions
This is not a sexual toy doll.

Please keep it in a cool place and do not heat it (below 60recommended. Over 80 will cause deformation)

Please do not warm the doll with a hot dryer or electric blanket- especially, using an electric blanket as a rug is extremely dangerous.

To warm the doll, please use a warm bath under 40, or leave it in a warm room, away from the heating device and avoid direct warm air.

Please beware of electric blankets, they have high outputs and are extremely dangerous.

Please do not use any solvent other than ethyl alcohol. Even with ethyl alcohol, do not use it for a long period of time.

Keep the doll away from any silicon material. Please beware, there are silicon bleedings left in the place where a silicon doll had been kept; in such cases use a new mat or rug to place the new doll. In the same principle, please wash thoroughly or renew clothings and wigs for the doll.

DO NOT BRING THE DOLLS ABROAD; especially with an intension to sell them in countries where there is no sense of ethics such as copyright regulations.
Some countries also have different morals and religious values etc., which may conflict with ours. Bringing the dolls to these countries is also strictly prohibited. Please be sensitive about these issues.

We sell dolls only to our clients directly, and not to any sales or export agents without our permission. If our client has made any profit by acting as an agent, we shall take legal action against him/her (except auctions of second-hand dolls). Aftercare services including any repair or maintenance will not be provided for any third-party other than our direct clients.
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