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A question about Dole
Q: What is the doll made of?
A: The doll is made of two-component Thermal Plastic Elastomer gImmortalh and gimmortal2h.
Please see gDollh page (specification) for their characteristics.
Q: Ho w do you clean the doll?
A:Please use a soft body brush and neutral detergent.@
Q:Are the eyeballs movable?
A:Yes, they can be moved by fingers. Please be careful not to stain them..
Q:Can the dolls be warmed up?
A:Please do not warm the doll with hot dryer or electric blanket- especially, using an electric blanket as a rug is extremely dangerous.
To warm the doll, please use a warm bath under 40Ž, or leave it in a warm room, away from the heating device or its warm air.
¦Please beware of electric blankets, they have high outputs and are extremely dangerous.
Q:How do the dollfs joints move?
A:They are capable of almost humanlike movements.
Q:What do I do if the doll gets broken or damaged?
A:Please contact us.
Q:what if I decide that I donft need the doll any more in the future?
A:Please let us know. If you can send the doll back to us (you are liable for the shipping cost), we can take care of it.
Q:Do you accept returns and replacements?
A:The shipping becomes the visitor burden, and take it over.
Q:About returned goods / exchange
A: For returns and replacements, please email us in advance.
You may return only inferior items, or if you are not satisfied with the goods because of our error. We will either exchange it for a new item, or give you a full refund.
Regarding the return cost:
If the return is result of your change of mind,
you are liable for the full shipping costs and any other charges necessary to return the goods to us.

For inferior items,
we cover the cost of the returns and other charges necessary.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: The sales contract is concluded by our email confirming your order.
Once your order has been processed, we cannot accept cancellations under any circumstance, as the dolls are completely handmade. We also have no obligation to refund the payment to meet your cancellation request due to your change of mind.

It is our responsibility to deliver the doll you ordered safely, except for the case that you register it with a second-hand reseller. We maintain the right to refuse any warranty, repair service or any other aftercare for anyone other than our direct clients.
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